Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Blog

Hey Guys!!

Just wanted to let you know that I am now writing posts on my new blog site: www.katielentile.com

I will leave this blog public because I know many of my posts included others' travel experiences as well as a way for me to reflect on how God shaped my heart during this season of my life. The fear of blogging is because as we experience and grow in life our perception and understanding of things develop too, yet we have our old ways documented. A lot of the posts on this blog became a way to market the work I was doing instead of giving a true and sincere reality of what I was feeling in each moment. As I traveled and relationships with friends around the world grew--so did my heart. The new blog is a way for me to share the sincere moments of life and it's beauty. Hope you enjoy!



Friday, November 8, 2013

The Big 28!

It’s my birthday –the big 28—and time for my annual birthday post!
As I think back on the past year I am overwhelmed with thankfulness.  

I am thankful for grace, experiences, sincere love, community, vulnerability, beauty, life, truth, and compassion.

If I could have 1 birthday wish… I wish that everyone reading(this) or that I see today will experience sincere joy and love. Sincere love is what I experienced throughout my 27th year of life. I have found that when I am at peace and happy is when I love unconditionally. Christ calls us to Love! To love Him, and to love others as much as we love ourselves. I personally learned that to love others well we have to love ourselves unconditionally in Christ’s identity.

I recently learned that Mother Teresa took a Sabbath one day a week, one week a month, one month a year, and one year every 7 years.  She understood the importance of loving herself to be strong enough to love others as much as they needed her to. I am not encouraging everyone to take sabbaticals all the time….but I am offering encouragement for everyone to do something for yourself one hour a day and one day a week. Let’s make the world better by loving with sincere love as an overflow of love in our own lives--the love that comes from having identity in Christ.

That is my birthday wish!


P.S. I have been working on a new blog and hoped to have it ready by today. But life happened and I will always choose life over coding—so it will be ready soon!  I will write a post on both blogs explaining why I decided to switch to something new. For those of you that traveled with me and love the stories—this blog will always be up so no worries there. J
Here are some of my favorite memories of the last year! Cheers to the future and the blessings of life!
Merry Christmas with Mery!
Resigning from a job = more time at my parents house during holidays!
My Happy Place!

Sarah and Emily in Memphis!
          my two buddies!
Lauren's Wedding!

Chatster Moving out!
Palm Springs to celebrate Marg!
Emily's Wedding!
My Best Friend is getting married!
Knoxville to see Rachel!
I was invited to take a SocEnt Class at the EC
Beach with the family!
Bags I designed came in...and oh yea, I got a job that I really enjoy!

Coffee time with my girls!
My girls came to visit!

This group + a few more = amazing!

My time with Latoria!
My college besties at Heather's wedding!

Obviously, there are so many more memories and experience I am fond of and cherish! My mentors and friends I have met over the year are incredible. I have been blessed to be part of a women's leadership group at church and the social enterprise community in Nashville-- both are huge parts of my life. A job-that has had it's ups and downs as I work through my own fears--but thankfully I am loving it and enjoy my work and being able to work for something I am passionate about! My family is by far the best in the world! A definite shout out to Andy and EK for all the deep convos- I will miss you both so much when you move! All my friends from trip that keep in touch--I love you all and wish we lived closer! And---all my friends, who love me even when I was not there for them often over the past few years. I appreciate your grace! Finally to myself...yall...how could I not love my life? Humble brag--but it is pretty amazing. :)



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nashville Favorites (Part 3)!

....continuing on from last week and the week before, today's post is about -- you guessed it: NASHVILLE!

Photo: Purely Magical...Free Fallin'!!!! #Nashville

And while I am on the topic of Nashville, let me just say that this past weekend I was in Nashville heaven. I got really lucky and was asked to go to the Music City Eats festival. Kings of Leon decided they wanted a music and food festival in dear ole Nashville so the obvious thing to do was just host one themselves. The day events consisted of meeting world famous chefs and trying samples of food from Nashville's best restaurants...many that I listed last week. Friday night there was a harvest festival and we were served small plates from the world famous chefs and had some amazing drinks. Then on the PettyFest --amazing musicians singing all of Tom Petty's songs...it was truly magical. The crowd size was perfect and although tickets were a bit pricey for those that did pay :), it would be worth it! Possibly my favorite festival I have ever attended (ACL is next week so this will probably be short-lived). I could go on and on about it, but just go to the website and check it all out.

For this post I am going to write about our favorite "bars" in Nashville.
**To ensure everyone understands my views before reading, I believe that drinking responsibly and in moderation is perfectly acceptable as an employee of a religious organization. I will leave the debates on this topic for those that want to argue with each other.

Bars: not posting links because I have one hour to write this during my lunch break...sorry!!

Ashley's Favorite: Patterson House, Loser's, Bar 308
My thoughts: Patterson House-a speak easy style bar with the best drinks in Nashville! Location: Midtown. Loser's-a semi-honkytonk for locals that is not downtown, but a fun place to go for a good time. Location: Midtown. Bar 308-a semi-upscale hipster bar with great ambiance, drinks are a bit strong, but I love going because they have board games and JINGA! Location: East Nashville.

Nikki's Favorites: M.L. Rose, Patterson House, Paradise Park
My thoughts: M.L. Rose -a great neighborhood sports bar. Location: Melrose/8th ave. Patterson House -see above. Paradise Park- my 2nd favorite bar on Broadway. In my younger years I basically went every weekend when I first moved here and it really is SO fun! Location: DOWNTOWN!

Sarah W.'s Favorites: Robert's, 12th South taproom, The Stage
My Thoughts: Robert's- my favorite honkytonk in Nashville!! you just need to go because there are no words to describe the place. Location: Downtown! 12th South taproom-I wrote about this place last week as one of my favorite restaurants and it is also one of my favorite bars because of the patio(and you can bring pups)! Location: 12th South. The Stage: Honkytonk that is a must for all tourist. Location: Downtown.

Christy's Favorites: M.L. Rose, Whiskey Kitchen, 12th South Taproom
My Thoughts: M.L. Rose -mentioned previously. Whiskey Kitchen- a fun restaurant and cool bar! Location: Gulch/Downtownish, 12th South Taproom- mentioned previously

Ruthie's Favorite: Holland House --She only voted for one and it is also a place we mentioned last week...a speak easy type bar in East Nashville! Great Drinks!

Jenny's Favorites: 12th South Taproom, Bar 308, Corner Pub
My thoughts: 12th South Taproom-mentioned previously and where we are celebrating this girls BIRTHDAY TONIGHT!! WOOHOO! Bar 308- mentioned previously, Corner Pub- a fun sports bar with locations all over Nashville.

My Favorites:

In no particular order I will list my favorite bars according to their location:
Downtown: Roberts, Paradise Park, and Pub 5(great place to go when locals want to escape Honkytonks)
Midtown: Patterson House and Tavern
Gulch: Hops and Crafts(I might be loyal for personal reasons, but I really do love that there is a casual place in the Gulch and they actually will teach people(me)about craft beer. Great place to watch a game too). Virago- I love their rooftop bar and drinks are amazing!
East Nashville: Holland House, Bar 308, Village Pub(it's my new taproom), Edley's East-it's the spot where my former co-workers and I get together occasionally --cool spot and great food!
12th South: Taproom---love it forever and always.

Hope you enjoyed it....Next post will be on "Places to Go and See" which will hopefully be posted this week!




Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NASHVILLE FAVORITES- Restaurants!!! (Part 2)

Continuing last week's post on Nashville!

As I explained in that post---some of my friends decided to have a progressive dinner, touring all of the new home purchases(mine in East Nashville, Christy's in Brentwood, and Ruthie's in 12th South)! I also wrote a little on my love from Nashville and the "fun" questions everyone answered during the tour.

But THIS is what I have been waiting for....Nashville Favorites!!!

I had everyone share their favorite restaurants, bars, and buildings/park/venues. It was hard but each person narrowed down their picks for their top 3 favorites in each category. I however cannot narrow down mine so we will just have to see how this goes as I write.

Today's topic.... RESTAURANTS!!!

Ashley's Favorites:
Hattie B's
Smiling Elephant

My thoughts: Marche-best brunch you will ever put in your mouth! The menu changes throughout the year as a result of fresh, local ingredients..SO GOOD. Location: East Nashville. Hattie B's - I have never been and still not sure about this hot chicken phenomenon that is taken over, but Ashley says this place is a definite must for tourist. Location: Midtown. Smiling Elephant- Another personal favorite. My vote for best Thai food in Nashville and yes, it is authentic and amazing. Location: 8th Ave.
Sorry for the instagram pic but look at that!! Brunch at Marche!

Nikki's Favorites:
Rolf and Daughters
DeSano Pizza

My thoughts: Rolf and Daughters- AMAZING. It is one of my personal top 3 and the other two change so I assume that means it is my #1...but there are too many good places to be putting labels on my love for food and atmosphere so I will continue to say it is one of my top 3. Regardless, R&D is great and I eat there way too much!! I love the atmosphere and be sure to get a pasta dish...and of course a glass of champs! Location: Germantown. Arnold's- I have never been there--I KNOW! I need to go because this is home-cooking and everyone raves about it! Location: Gulch/8th Ave. Desanos- 100% positive it is the best pizza in Nashville with Five Points coming in at a close 2nd! Location: Midtown.
Probably should take a picture of the food or building next time...but you get the idea!

Sarah W.'s Favorites:
Germantown Café
Peter's Sushi and Thai
Cori's Dog House

My Thoughts: Germantown Café- I have only been here a few times(probably because I always chose R&D instead when I am in that hood) but they serve YUMMY food. Location: You guessed it, Germantown. Peter's Sushi and Thai- This is one of my Brentwood faves! A few years ago I was in a Bible Study group that met in Brentwood and at least one person from the group would always stop to pick up Peter's on the way. Location: Brentwood. Cori's Dog House- I have never been here or even heard of it---but it is now on my list to try! Website looks cool and I love hot dogs!! Location: West End. 

Christy's Favorites:

My Thoughts: All of these are staples that are great for tourist to visit and frequented often by locals. Fido- An awesome little coffee/food place that probably was the pioneer for all the amazing coffee shops we have in Nashville. I have always been loyal to the coffee shops in my hood, but if someone suggests Fido I am not complaining at all! Location: Hillsboro Village. Tavern- Best kale salad ever! I recommend Tavern to friends coming in town that want to eat a great meal at a restaurant that is located in the middle of all the nightlife(not including the Honky Tonks). Location: Midtown. Virago- An upscale Sushi/Robata Grill Restaurant that is a personal favorite for a fun night out! I love their upstairs bar seating because it looks over downtown and the food and drinks are great! Location: Downtown/Gulch.

Ruthie's Favorites:
Frothy Monkey
Germantown Café
Holland House

My Thoughts: Frothy Monkey- If you know me, you know about this place. When I moved to Nashville six years ago I moved to the 12th South area...at the time it was a transitioning neighborhood where my cousin just happened to own a house I could rent. I had less than 3 days between graduation/receiving a job offer, and starting work. Meaning there was no time to house hunt and I took the house on Clayton which was probably one of the best forced decisions ever. For about 2 years Frothy was one of a few "places to go" on 12th South and a lot of friends later told me to they were scared about coming to my house during this "transitioning" time. Now it is possibly the second most desired area to live in (unless living in Belle Meade makes you cringe--then 12th south is probably #1).and the only regret I have is not buying then. I spent many mornings at Frothy and they eventually started serving meals and now are even open for dinner! Even though my morning coffee stops and hangouts are switching over to the East Side--I will always have a special place in my heart for Frothy Monkey! Location: 12th South. Germantown Café- see above in Sarah W.'s comments. Location: Germantown. Holland House: It is a "speak easy" type restaurant/bar...and the food is just as good as the drinks. A definite East Nashville staple! Location: East Nashville

Jenny's Favorites:
Rolf and Daughters
Mas Tacos
Silly Goose

My Thoughts: If I had to choose one person's favorites to match my own...Jenny's would be the winner! Rolf and Daughters- talked about it in Nikki's! Location: Germantown. Mas Tacos- This hidden gem (that is not so hidden anymore) serves the best tacos in Nashville and the concept of their store is so hipster that even non-hipsters grow to love hipsters a little more. Location: East Nashville. Silly Goose- This beauty was one of the reasons I started going over to the east side more and more. It has ridiculously amazing sandwiches, salads, and couscous dishes--all local grown ingredients. It also helps it is located right Jeni's ice cream! Location: East Nashville.

And now for my own..basically places I could never live without!

Best Dinner Places: Rolf and Daughters, Lockland Table(East Nashville-farm to table restaurant), The Silly Goose, City House(Germantown - great food and atmosphere), Smiling Elephant, Virago.

Best Brunch: Marche

Best Coffee Shops for anytime of the day: Frothy Monkey, Barista Parlor(East Nashville)

Best Lunch Spots: Mitchell's Deli (East Nashville-I could write a book about how much I love this place...literally the best sandwich you will EVER eat(not to be confused with Michael's Deli-the chain!)12th South Taproom(12th South--best gouda mac-n-cheese ever and dogs are welcome on the patio!), Mas Tacos, DeSano Pizza, Back to Cuba(Creive Fall...I will explain below my reasoning for this one). 

Best Desserts: Rumours East (East Nashville - this is a great restaurant in general but they have the most amazing chocolate torte cake on earth), Lockland Table-(skillet cookie- you see Bricktops has a skillet cookie too and it is one of my top 3 favorite desserts ever..except that Lockland Table's is made with Olive and Sinclair Chocolate(East Nashville) and Jeni's ice cream(East Nashville & 12th South) so it beats bricktops due to loyalty of my hood.

Best "a little outside of Nashville" Places: Macke and Kate's(Franklin - if you are in that area you need to go--great food!) Loveless Café -(Hwy 100 -My nephew Sam learned his love for biscuits at this place and it is a great place for families and tourist to go)

Other info... in the last 3 months of me moving to East Nashville and now the Mission Lazarus' offices moving to Franklin(yea, my 15 minute commute just turned into 45 but negotiations in regards to this are being discussed) back to my point---I realize there are just SO many amazing spots in this city in every single neighborhood...so you can't go wrong no matter where you live. Also, now that I am not bee-bopping around the world(I have given myself a limit of only 6 plane rides a year and only two of those are allowed to be international) I desperately miss the food I grew accustomed to eating and thankfully have found a few hidden spots that taste as authentic as if it were cooked in that country--and I am still looking for more --please send me suggestions. Back to Cuba(their menu somehow covers everything I have eaten in the Caribbean, Central and South America) and Smiling Elephant are two of my favorites. There is also a drive thru(I know, I know) Greek place in East Nashville that I promise is absolutely amazing. But I still need an Indian and Ethiopian restaurant to meet my standards.

Hope you enjoy!! For all of you tourist - I have accepted you are not going anywhere, and welcome you with open arms. We've adapted and learned that the 9pm dinners are just as fun! Now in regards to  my coffee shops and not being able to get a seat---I won't be as polite--you have stuff to see and celebs to meet!!


Mitchell's Deli Patio (Riverside Village)
Jeni's Ice Cream!!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Nashville (Part 1)

My love for this city has grown over the years. When I first moved here a little over 5 years ago(eeekkk) I came with the intention of living in Nashville for 2-3 years and then moving somewhere else. But this little city has decided to take me in and allow me to call her home. For a while I had a love/hate relationship with Nashville --- I loved so much about it, but because of traveling I never truly felt at home here. I've had friends come and go(lots of besties moved away) and a lot of life's unexpected moments of learning who I am happened here---which is a wee bit different than what I would have ever guessed 20, 10, or even 3 years ago.... a lot of those realizations are because of this ol' city and the diversity, hospitality, and culture Nashville gives to us locals. Now, as much as I joke and say I want to be a "hipster" we all know that won't happen...I own a house in East Nashville and even bought a pair of Imogene+Willie high waisted skinnies but obviously growing up in South Georgia and graduating from Ole Miss is not exactly the road to hipster perfection. When I say I want to be a hipster...I basically mean I want to be someone that is true to themselves, welcoming to everyone, loves stories, community and culture and enjoys life...and thanks to this city and her people...I am doing just that. **to those people that get annoyed and tell me "this" idea of what is a hipster is...is all wrong..I am well aware....just get over it and let me use the term as I wish. ;)

I have wanted to do a post about "My Favorite Things in Nashville" for a while....and last weekend a group of my friends decided to do a progressive dinner visiting all of the houses that were recently purchased. That included my house in East Nashville, Christy's house in Brentwood, and Ruthie's house in 12th South(my old hood). This group of girls are intense and there is always activities or themes or costumes involved...always. And without fail everyone's significant other just shakes their head, watches football or whatever it is they decide to do and asks "why can't y'all just be normal"...and we ignore them and go about our ridiculousness. So in addition to dressing like cowgirls or hipsters we had questions about Nashville that everyone had to answer....And so I decided to take the answers and use that as my blog post rather than it just being my own thoughts on the city.

However, the post today is not exactly our "favorites" because it would get too long(next post..yay!)...but we did ask some other questions about Nashville, and here are some of the answers. A glimpse into real life: Nashville.

Most embarrassing moment in Nashville? --- Jenny answered: Having the most epic of falls outside of my building in downtown Nashville at high noon when there were tons of people around. I was wearing a pencil skirt and heels and slow motion fell down the stairs. Still to this day, four years later, when I get on an elevator with people at work I think "did you see it?" Or Christy...she has a few--one was immediately puking after a 10k right in front of her now husband...the other...well you can read it here: Christy and reindeer! Ashley answered: Shopping at Trader Joe's I decided to try out this new crazy, protein packed grain and asked an employee where I could find the "quinn-no-ahhhhhhh". She literally cackle laughed, rolled her eyes and yelled "KEEN WA!!!!!" and then pointed at it right in front of me.

If you could change anything about Nashville what would it be? My favorite was: The name cannot be given due to hurting guys(aka her recent dates) feelings:  More beautiful, chivalrous, handsome, loyal, funny and financially stable men...now don't start thinking my friends are "one of those girls" because if you live in this city long enough you will hear more guys talk about the lack of other guys in comparison with the amount of awesome girls--It's strange. Sarah W. answered: I'm looking for Hawaii in Nashville-clearly she knows what she wants. Mine was closer to the beach or that my family lived closer-as in a lake house near Chattanooga would be great. ;) Christy answered: IKEA! Just about everyone said: MORE SUNSHINE!

What is your favorite thing about Nashville? Ruthie answered: Coffee shops and the people. Jenny answered: It sounds cliche to say, but Nashville really does have the friendliest people. I heard someone say the other day "living in Nashville made me a nicer person." We've got so many cool things going on, but I think the reason for that is that it's filled with cool, creative, caring people. Ashley of course answered: Kings of Leon.

Last random question...When did you realize you were an adult? Katie: my pickle jar story right when I first moved(which will have to be a separate blog post) but it was a harsh reality. Ruthie answered: When she and Michael bought their first house! Sarah W answered: When I bought a life insurance policy(eeeek), Jenny answered: When I walked into Forever 21 and realized I could no longer shop there. Christy answered: when I bought my car with my own money(Dave Ramsey to the rescue--she is a speaker for Dave). (not when I ran an entire farm while holding a full time job that was 70 hours a week while volunteering with young life 15 hours a week. - which actually happened first. It was too weird to feel like a grown up.)--and those last few sentences--yep really did happen, and when I was first told about the farm stories I cried from laughing so hard for at least 30 minutes. She's really not real.

Participants not included in post: Jackie(she just moved here), Brooke(because I don't have her email), and last but not least Nikki---and that's because she's Nikki, my favorite..but her answers will be in the next post!

Overall, I love this city for so many reasons. Whatever is happening to make us the "it" city is not something that can be explained or credit given to one or two things. It is the atmosphere, energy, and people that make Nashville....Nashville. I just feel blessed to be here right now and be part of it all.

Ohhh and check it out my new roommate Jackie had an hour long interview on TV this week and featured in the Tennessean today (written by Ashley!). All of that in just two weeks of living here--woohoo!! http://www.tennessean.com/article/20130913/DAVIDSON/309130099/Adventurer-s-favorite-challenge-help-youths-achieve




Friday, August 23, 2013


Truth: I want to stop blogging. Why? People followed my blog because I was bouncing around the world and that is interesting(because it is different than the everyday norm). Now I am living in the everyday norm and really enjoying it....but everyone that is interested in my everyday norm...is in my everyday norm...so there is no point in reading. I feel weird about sharing my life on an outlet for strangers to read. It is not written for strangers---except for the fact that it is a public blog and they can read it.

With social media these days people talk about how we can portray our image and life to look like it is all "fairy-tales" and "Sparkle puppies"-(new term coined by my good friend Turner Burton) and this blog is a little opposite of that. I talk about the good, the bad and the ugly(not to mention write horribly and could care less about my grammar/punctuation(honestly everything I publish is rough draft and I should stop being lazy and at least check over it once..maybe I will start trying that because I know..writing like this is a huge no-no in the business world).....and it is a new level of vulnerability that puts me a little or a lot out of my comfort zone. I respect honesty more than just about anything and typically I over share with others because I have a internal need to be real(I have been around "fake" a lot and played that card myself (our culture and especially some of the sub-cultures I have lived in create a society to think if we aren't perfect in every way then boom--you suck at life.. and that is obviously not a fun way to live- so I probably go the opposite way to a fault--hence to why I wish I could be a hipster!)) But I over share when I am around people who know me, understand me, and love me. Not for a world of strangers to read post to then assess me. No I don't talk about extremely personal things on here(i.e. dating or relationships--I will leave that to T. Swift) but I do share enough for people to think they know me before they ever meet me...and that is just weird to me. So the nagging question...why do you keep this blog? The main reason is because when I first graduated I had a blog and shared personal things about my some transitions and revelations in my life(mainly in relation to my faith). But I freaked out after a while and deleted the blog--I was becoming an adult and learning things and then re-learning things and having a blog like that for the world to see is scary. If people read my blog before they met me then they already had an opinion of me before actually meeting me...And that feeling still exist regardless of what I write about. So yes I should just delete this one and stop analyzing how I am such a weirdo....

However, I recently met Matt Chervont and we were chatting about vulnerability making people better leaders, but how the concept is almost foreign to our society. I told him the one thing that impressed me most about him was his vulnerability with his story and blog. Long story short---He is my age, worked for a few marketing/advertising firms, was fired from a job, had previously taught himself how to code and design and started doing freelance, used his blog to share about all of this and create a platform for his work....and now is the CEO of an awesome branding company in Nashville. I am pretty involved in the Nashville entrepreneur scene and when I read that he actually blogged about getting fired I was in complete shock. In that world---there is no room for mistakes or failures...especially if they are shared with the WORLD! But I love that he used it to be real, share his story and allowing people to connect with him on a personal level realizing that you can succeed despite what challenges you are given.

Our blogs are completely different and serve completely different purposes. Mine is to keep my parents happy and my friends from all over the world updated on my oh-so interesting life. His is a legit leadership platform with a massive audience. But I love what his represents and love that mine represents my life over the past few years and what I have learned during that time and that it is actually documented.

I am going to stop stressing myself out over making sure I have a blog post written frequently because it's what bloggers do...I am just going to keep it on here, cringe from time to time in my stupid concern of what people think, and write when I have things about my life that I want to share. And that's that.

So thanks for reading and judging ;) I am hopefully a better person because of it.

And a shout out to my best friend Meredith who thinks and knows I am 100% ridiculous with all of this and is my friend anyway. This post is for you...hahaha!



Tuesday, August 6, 2013

slowly but surely...overcoming my obsession with efficiency.

My life should possibly be on a reality TV show right now..

I came to work today with paint on my shirt and pants...

I feel (and definitely look) like I haven't slept in 2 weeks...

I like order, cleanliness, and things to be done as efficiently as possible....and well that is the exact opposite of my life right now...and I am learning to just accept it and do what I can when I can...and other than my appearance and zombie mode...I am making it work pretty well.

See I have a lot to share, but there is just SO much going on...the reality TV show would be an easier way to update everyone, and I have a lot of work to finish today....so this one will be short and sweet!

So my house--- Instead of the sellers fixing all the repairs that were noted on the inspection report---they just paid more towards my closing costs and I inherited the responsibility of getting everything done. This was not my ideal choice at first, but thankfully my cousin is the best ever(and my realtor) and provided me with contacts for all the best people in Nashville to help me with everything...(house buying story is coming soon too)

And let's be honest...on the inspection report--there were a few things here and there-nothing major...but I mean since I have them coming to do necessary things then why not just add on a "few" extras...

Two things I have learned in the process: 1. Have ALL repairs and updates done before moving in. 2. Despite how much money you might save by painting an entire upstairs loft with wood paneled walls....JUST HIRE SOMEONE! --I am very thankful for my favorite friends who have stopped by and helped!

In all honesty---having the responsibility of getting everything repaired/updated and working on a lot of them myself(with my friend's help) is making me appreciate the house more and when it is finally done I will be proud...sure--it could have been considered move-in ready before...but now I feel like it will be more of a "home."

So pictures...everyone wants pictures....have you met me?? I am not going to post pictures until the work is done...well, at least with this stage--and let's be real...the next stages will be a LONG way away. So even with all the painting and my house looking like a war zone--I am making progress..slowly but surely.

Yesterday Jerry (HVAC) and Alvin (electrician) finished all of their repairs(well 5% repairs, 95% updates)...but I promise that the last guy I have coming in is ONLY doing repairs!

My next post is going to be about food---because in between the house repairs I have gotten to go to some AMAZING restaurants in Nashville lately and food is more interesting than paint.